The choices for restaurants continue to grow each year, yet Zankou Chicken fans choose to return for our food and flavors. So what keeps Zankou enthusiasts coming back? It could stem from our dedication to offering only the best meals made with fresh ingredients, carefully handcrafted only after they’re ordered. It’s “The Zankou Difference.”

We are passionate about these values and carry them out for all of our menu items. Read all about it below and live your #ZankouLife to its fullest with this insider information about how we prepare our food.

Rotisserie Chicken

The recipe for our signature Rotisserie Chicken was born in 1962, with Zankou’s Lebanese roots serving as inspiration. We roast hormone-free chickens in a unique vertical oven, garnering heat from cast-iron blocks that reflect heat. They each cook for about 90 minutes to create a juicy and tender center with a crispy outer layer. Top it off with some of our famous garlic sauce and enjoy the classic meal that helped give us our name.

Chicken Tarna® and Tri-Tip Shawerma

We start with the freshest chicken and USDA Choice beef that are never frozen to craft our signature Chicken Tarna® and Tri-Tip Shawerma. We individually trim and slice each piece by hand to ensure that nothing is overlooked. We then marinate our meat in exotic spices and cook them on a vertical broiler to get that great signature taste right from the flame to your plate. Our Tri-Tip Shawerma and Chicken Tarna® can be enjoyed as an a la carte item, as the main dish on your Mediterranean Plate, or as a wrap enveloped in warm pita bread. The choices are practically limitless—the only limit is how much you can eat!


Our aim is high quality, and our sides and salads are no exception. Our Tabbouleh Salad is carefully crafted and made with only the freshest farm-to-table ingredients. All of our parsley is hand picked and washed three times to ensure high quality. We hand cut all produce including parsley, onions, tomatoes, and fresh mint. The salad is then tossed with lemon juice, imported olive oil, bulgur, and a pinch of salt. Together, our family recipe results in a healthful, refreshing, and delicious salad. Round out your #ZankouLife—and your plate!—with this colorful and deliciously refreshing side!


Zankou fans are mostly drawn to our hummus as their topping of choice, but most are unaware of our mutabbal. This great alternative, also known as baba ghanoush to some, is made with fresh eggplants that we carefully grill to perfection. We blend it with tahini and garlic into a smooth paste, and top it off with olive oil and paprika to enrich the flavors of this Middle Eastern staple. The next time you’re feeling adventurous, try our mutabbal to get a different taste of #ZankouLife.

The best way to experience “The Zankou Difference” is through taste. So come into one of our locations and try these menu items with a bit of background under your belt. Then share these trivia tidbits with your friends and family for a more exciting (and filling!) #ZankouLife.

Chicken Tarna on a vertical spit in restaurantCollage of social media images featuring customers in Zankou Chicken t-shirts