Try our new falafel recipe! Our new version of this Mediterranean classic is made with fresh herbs, spices, chickpeas, jalapeños, and cilantro.

The Origins of Falafel

Each culture has their own interpretation of the falafel and it comes in many sizes and shapes. Originating from the plural Arabic word for pepper, this dish is a local favorite in much of the Mediterranean world.

The Zankou Method

At Zankou, we make our falafel in small batches, by hand. First we cook the chickpeas in our kitchen every morning. Then we add the delicious mix of herbs including jalapeño and cilantro to give it that special spicy bite.

Even Better

After years of working towards an even better tasting falafel recipe, our master chef visited Lebanon and came back with a renewed list of special ingredients. Bite-sized, these delectable morsels are cooked to order as soon as you place an order! Upon first bite, you encounter a burst of Mediterranean flavors that take you back to the Old Country. You are sure to love it!

Try It For Yourself

Available only in the Pasadena location for now, our new recipe should be hitting all stores by the time you’re reading this. Let us know what you think and please share it with friends!

Falafel-Lebanon-MapFalafel-Spices-in-MarketFalafel-Chickpeas-in-MarketFalafel Wrap

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