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  • Family Meal

    Our family meal comes with one rotisserie chicken roasted to crispy perfection, two large sides, a side of tangy pickled turnips, six pita breads, and two delicious garlic sauces, that will leave everyone satisfied.

  • Rotisserie Chicken

    Our hormone free, rotisserie chickens have an entirely unique cooking process. Our chickens roast for about 90 minutes in intense heat created by a specialty oven containing charcoal blocks. These blocks reflect heat; creating a scorching temperature that gives us that beautiful, super crispy skin our customers have grown to love.

    Try it wrapped in a warm pita with our signature garlic sauce for a delicious meal.

  • Half Rotisserie Chicken

    For when you can’t consume a whole juicy chicken, though you wish you could, try our one half rotisserie chicken prepared to exquisite perfection, served with our raved about garlic spread and warm pita bread that will have your taste buds dancing.

  • Half Chicken Plate

    Indulge in our perfectly crisp and juicy half rotisserie chicken, served with a side of hummus, warm fluffy pita bread, hand sliced tomatoes, pickled turnips, and our mouthwatering, house-made garlic spread.

  • Quarter White Chicken Plate

    Our delicious, protein packed rotisserie chicken is a favorite. The juicy breast and crispy wing are served with flavorful hummus, fresh pita bread, hand sliced tomatoes, pickled turnips and savory, house-made garlic spread.

  • Quarter Dark Chicken Plate

    This juicy dark meat plate comes with a rotisserie chicken thigh and leg, and our delicious hand sliced tomatoes, pickled turnips, hummus, fluffy pita bread, and incredible house-made garlic spread.

  • Chicken Tarna® Plate

    Marinated and flame-broiled to perfection, what really gives our tarna its great taste is that we use only the finest quality chicken. Always fresh and cut by hand, each piece is caramelized uniquely as it turns on the vertical broiler. You’ll love this plate with delicious hand sliced tomatoes, fresh romaine lettuce, pickled turnips, hummus, pita bread, house-made tahini, and garlic spread.

  • Rotisserie Chicken Wrap

    The only thing better than our crispy rotisserie chicken is when it’s wrapped in a warm fluffy pita with tomatoes and our unbelievably delicious house-made garlic spread. It comes with a side of our pickled turnips that are the perfect addition.

  • Chicken Tarna Wrap

    Juicy and mouthwatering, our chicken tarna is flame-broiled to give it that desirable crisp texture and flavor, which topped with tomatoes and garlic spread cushioned in a freshly baked pita, is a wrap you’ll crave again and again.

  • Chicken Kabob Plate

    The juicy chicken kabob is marinated in exotic and earthy spices. Grilled to order, enjoy it with Basmati rice, pickled turnips, roasted tomato, spiced onions, hummus, and our world’s famous garlic sauce or try it enfolded in a fluffy pita as a wrap.

  • Combo Kabob Plate

    Choose from any two of our succulent kabobs and enjoy with our aromatic Basmati rice, roasted tomato, spiced onions, delicious house-made pickled turnips, and creamy hummus.