A tradition is born


“We create a healthy Mediterranean dining experience that reflects our dedication to excellence in the food we serve and in the people who serve it.”

Downtown Beirut Postcard

Born in Beirut

In 1962, in the city of Beirut, Lebanon, the Iskenderian family decided to open a small restaurant on a street corner. The mission was simple – to share with the community the delicious family chicken recipe and secret garlic sauce. As the restaurant’s Mediterranean menu grew, so did its customers and it wasn’t long before Zankou Chicken’s homemade dishes made the restaurant a household name.

After serving Lebanon’s diverse community for 20 years, Vartkes and his son Mardiros Iskenderian sold their thriving restaurant and moved to Los Angeles, California. Here they found the land of opportunity, the city of dreams and the place where Zankou Chicken could once again win the hearts of many with its homemade, all natural food.

Hollywood Sign

Hollywood Bound

In 1984, Zankou opened its doors in Hollywood. Centered in the heart of America’s motion picture industry, Zankou attracted thousands of aspiring actors, writers, artists, and musicians with its delicious, inexpensive meals. In a city as diverse as Los Angeles, residents soon discovered that there was only one Zankou garlic sauce.

Los Angeles Expansion

In 1992, Mardiros Iskenderian opened the second Zankou Chicken in Glendale, California. By this time, the Zankou Chicken fan base had risen to match its taste. The restaurant was heavily crowded on opening day, and the immense success of this branch led Mardiros to open further Zankou Chicken restaurants in Van Nuys, Anaheim, and Pasadena. Later with the opening of the West LA and Burbank location, Zankou gave customers a glimpse into the restaurant’s future: where delicious, high quality, inexpensive meals are served amidst an elegant ambiance.

Zankou Chicken Sign, Gelndale
Zankou Chicken Sign, Burbank

Establishing Precedent

In 2005, we opened our Burbank location which became our flagship location with a beautiful European style interior with hand-laid stones and a hand-painted mural on the ceiling of an olive tree. This set the precedent for all store interior designs.

The Tradition Continues

In the last few years we’ve added many options to our menu that customers had requested, including the Kabob Plates and Wraps, the Tabouleh Salad, Basmati Rice, Cabbage Salad, a new Catering Menu and most recently our delicious and convenient Family Meal.

We are in touch with our fans and customers around the world more than ever through social media. We value your comments and suggestions (including where to open future stores).

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Close up of Cabbage Salad
Slide background

“The quarter chicken
  with tabbouleh and rice
  is just heavenly.”

– K G., Carle Place, NY