Here at Zankou Chicken, we are best known for our juicy and flavorful chicken; after all, it’s in our name. But that’s not all we offer. We have carefully curated items to round out the Zankou menu options, sure to satisfy your hunger just like our chicken dishes.

Get ready to expand your taste buds and live a fuller #ZankouLife with these menu options—and as always, they are delicately handcrafted, made with only the freshest ingredients, and only prepared when you order them!

First off, the Shawerma: Only USDA choice tri-tips are marinated, flame-broiled to perfection, and turned into our Shawerma. We prepare it on a rotating vertical broiler to achieve its signature taste and texture of caramelized ends and a nice, juicy center. Our beef option is great to enjoy either laid in a blanket of pita bread, or as the star of its own Mediterranean Plate with rice and other sides.

The second item you must try is our Falafel. As you may know, we have reinvented the recipe for our Falafel. Made with fresh garbanzo beans and a new blend of spices, we enhanced the flavors to modernize this Middle Eastern staple, while truly focusing on flavor. Cooked in peanut oil, this vegetarian-friendly option is cooked to a crispy, golden brown and can be savored in a wrap, as a side, or as the main item on a Mediterranean Plate. Our Falafel is a great source of protein that will be sure to fill you up!

Finally, if you’re looking to diverge from the usual #ZankouLife and live on the edge, we recommend trying one of our Kabobs. Offered in four varieties, we craft these savory skewers on an open flame to get that great flavor from the grill to your plate. Choose from Lule (ground steak), Shish (marinated beef), Chicken (yes, we have Chicken Kabobs!), or a combination of any two to create a filling meal you’ll be eager to have again! Our Kabobs are served with rice, hummus, spiced onions, pickled turnips, and a roasted tomato to cover all the bases.

Are you hungry yet?

We love that you love our chicken, but the next time you visit one of our locations, we encourage you to branch out from the norm and sample a few of our different menu options. For a complete list of our items, check out our menu; you never know what your new favorite from Zankou Chicken will be!

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