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Whether you’re looking for instructions on ordering, specifics about fundraising, questions regarding our business, or details about our food, we’ve assembled a list of FAQs – the most common questions we get at Zankou Chicken – in order to help you find the answers you’re looking for, quickly and easily.

Do you use any MSG in any of your products?

Rest assured, we do not use monosodium glutamate (MSG).

How long does the hummus and mutabbal last in my fridge?

We recommend finishing the hummus or mutabbal within 3 days of purchase. It may last longer, but we recommend consuming it within 3 days of purchase for best taste and freshness.

How do we get in contact with Zankou’s marketing department?

You can reach the Zankou marketing department at

Do you deliver?

You can now get Zankou Chicken delivered to your door! Please visit our Locations page for participating locations.

Can we use Zankou Chicken at our school auction to raise money using a gift certificate?

We encourage you to hold fundraisers with us at your local Zankou location. We do not donate cash or gift cards/certificates.

Would you provide us any of your food to resell at our function?

We do not provide food for resale except for rare occasions that include fundraising with schools or other not-for-profit organizations, mainly local schools. If you are such an organization, please speak to a manager for details.

We will never provide food for resale to restaurants, food trucks, or for raffle organizations.

Can I organize a fundraiser at Zankou Chicken with my non-profit?

Yes! Simply speak to one of our managers if you wish to do a fundraiser with us. We can help your non-profit organization raise funds! If you’re a local school or other not- for-profit organization and you want to raise money, please let us know. We can give you up to 20% back on receipts if you hold your function at one of our stores (see manager for details). We’re excited to give back to our community. For more information, visit our Fundraising page.

Do you offer any discounts or promotions?

Yes. We have a very active Facebook page and Twitter account where we announce special offers, events, and other happenings at Zankou Chicken. We give away promotional materials such as T-shirts and other rare merchandise that can only found here. Head on over to the social media section and connect with us!

Do you sell t-shirts?

You will hear about our t-shirts here when they arrive.

Do you sell Gift Cards?

We do sell gift cards! Please inquire about purchasing one when you visit any of our restaurants or click here to purchase online.

Can you mail us food?

For obvious health and quality related issues, we would not mail any of our food items.

Why are some Zankou stores so different from others? Why are all the stores not listed on your web site?

We at Zankou Chicken want you to know that although we have recently expanded into more stores, the quality of the food we serve has maintained it’s high quality standards. The major improvements we’ve made recently will enhance your dining experience with us.

If you find that there is something different with your experience please check to see if the store you patronized belongs to the list of stores our group manages. That list can only be found on our locations page.
Only our exclusive stores offer the unique experience you have come to love and expect for over 50 years, one that has become a life-long family tradition.

Do you have a corporate office? Where can we send samples of an item we wish to sell to you?

For distributors that wish to send us samples of products please send them to:

Zankou Enterprises Inc.
2360 E. 48th St.
Vernon CA 90058

How can I contact a store manager?

Each of our locations has an email address directly connected to their respective managers. A manager may be contacted for employment opportunities, to register a complaint with our service at any particular location, or for help with organizing a fundraiser.

We own a shopping center and would like Zankou to open a branch at our location. Where can we send our information?

We highly appreciate your consideration. We prefer locations with around 2500 square feet of space with at least 20 dedicated parking spots for our customers. We also prefer corner spaces with great visibility. If your location has the following features, please contact us at the form found at the bottom of this page and send us more information. Thank you.

We are opening a restaurant and are thinking about licensing Zankou. Would you provide us with a license?

No. We do not license our name or our products at this time.

Who can I contact for a customer service related issue at one of your stores?

Please contact us through the form below. Please keep your receipt so that we may investigate your inquiry.

Do you franchise?

Zankou Chicken is a family owned business and we do not franchise. We are not looking for investors and stores are not for sale either at this time.

Where does the name “Zankou” come from?

Zankou is the name of a beautiful river in Armenia. In Armenian “Zankag” means “bell”.

Can I download an order form and fax my order in?

Yes! You can download the order form here. Simply fill out this order form and fax it to the location you wish to pick up from. We will call you to verify your information, schedule the pick-up time and provide pricing.

Do you sell large skewers of Shawerma and/or Tarna for a party we are throwing?

Yes we do. For details, you can download our Catering Menu here.

Do you have a catering menu?

Yes! Our new catering menu can be downloaded here.

What is your extra garlic spread policy?

If you want extra garlic sauce, simply ask it of our friendly staff. Extra garlic sauce is now complimentary with any purchase.

Can I get a Family Meal and substitute the sides?

Yes. Please ask our cashiers for details on what may be substituted in the Family Meal.

Can I change what comes in my plate?

Yes. We now offer all sides available as options on your plate at no additional charge at our locations.

Can we order meat a la carte?

Yes. We have options available for our Chicken Tarna and Tri-Tip Shawerma “A La Carte” style (only the meat). You may also now purchase large amounts in a tray via our catering menu. For details, you can download our Catering Menu here.

Do you give out your food’s recipes?

Unfortunately, we do not give out our recipes, but you can see our redesigned Menu section to learn more about our food. Thank you for your interest.

Do you have nutritional information on your food?

We do not have nutritional information for our menu items at this time. If we get that information, we will post it on our website and inside our restaurants.

Is Tarna made with white meat?

Chicken Tarna is made with both white and dark meat mixed during the creation process and cannot be made to include only white meat.

What is the difference between the roasted chicken and the chicken Tarna?

The roasted chicken wraps are made from our whole rotisserie chickens. The chicken Tarna is our trademark marinated chicken that sits on a spit and turns, similar to our steak shawerma. Tarna is a registered trademark of Zankou Enterprises Inc. and may not be used without written permission from us.

What is in your Tarna and Shawerma?

We carefully prepare all of our marinated meats with natural herbs and spices that marinate for at least 24 hours. Tarna is marinated chicken and Shawerma is marinated steak. Please see our Menu section to learn more. Please see Our Food page to learn more.

Is there wheat in any of your products?

The pita bread, and thus every wrap, and tabouleh salad both contain wheat. Everything else on the menu is wheat-free.

What about vegetarian options?

All of our sides and salads are 100% vegetarian and made with fresh produce every day. In addition to being vegetarian, all sides and salads are also 100% Vegan and suitable for vegan diets.

Do you have any vegan options in your menu?

Yes. The Falafel plate and wrap are both 100% vegan when you get them with the options we recommend

I am lactose intolerant. Do any of your items contain lactose?

The only thing we serve that contains any milk is the yogurt Tahn, which is a bottled beverage. None of our food items contain any milk, cheese, or any milk-derived ingredients

Is your food halal?

Our Anaheim location serves Halal certified food. The certification is available for public view, framed at the restaurant. Our other locations are not Halal certified. After having said that, all of our locations serve only the finest meats. The strictest quality standards are always followed at all the locations listed on this web site.


ALL of our menu items are gluten-free EXCEPT for the pita bread and Tabouleh Salad. Next time you visit, you may ask for “No Bread” on the ‘Chicken’, ‘Plate’, or ‘Side’ items. All wraps are made with pita bread, and therefore contain gluten.

What type of oil do you use in your garlic spread?

We use all natural vegetable oil, salt and 100% fresh raw California Garlic to make our garlic spread.

Here is a list of what we DO NOT use contrary to popular belief:

  1. lard
  2. mayonnaise
  3. butter
  4. eggs
  5. milk or milk-derived ingredients (our garlic sauce is lactose-free)
What type of oil do you use to make the falafel?

We use peanut oil to cook our falafel. Those allergic to peanut oil should avoid falafel entirely as well as the falafel cooking area whenever possible.

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